Special Bearings

Around 30% of the production at BMI are for special bearings which customers find hard to source due to following-

  1. Smaller quantity
  2. Discontinued products of bigger manufacturers
  3. Clearance specifications
  4. High temperature or special applications requiring special grease selection.
  5. Bearing with split inner or outer race (for control an axial movement)

Case Studies

Below are the few case studies of special bearings which BMI has worked on

Gear BoxAutomotive light DutyContinuous CastingSub Assemblies
Case Study: Gear Box
Client: Leading gear box manufacturers in Europe
Problem: Alternative solution to case carburized taper roller bearings
Bearing Taper Roller Bearings
BMI Approach: The application engineering team from BMI discussed and understood the application of the case carburized taper roller bearings. The application engineering team then received the entire load calculations of the gear box along with the design engineer from the gear box manufacturer.
After understanding the application thoroughly, BMI team proposed a solution together, along with their design team BMI proposed an alternative of case carburized taper roller bearings with standard thru hardened rollers. The strength and the durability of case carburized taper bearings along with cost cutting were achieved for the customers.
Case Study:Â Automotive light Duty
Client: Major after market brand in North America
Problem: Alternate source for special Gen2 & Gen 3 Hub bearings.
Approach: A major after market brand of automotive bearings was struggling to find source for some small quantity Gen 2 & Gen 3 Hub bearings in Asia. Various manufacturers in China were not able to assist the customers.
BMI reverse engineered the OE sample and developed smaller quantity for the customer as required.
Case Study: Continuous Casting
Client: Major Steel Mill in India
Problem: High failures of standard spherical roller bearings in continues casting line.
Approach: A major steel mill in India with plants in Europe and USA as well approached BMI for frequent replacement and failure of bearings in their continuous casting line. Application engineers from BMI visited the plant to get first hand information on the issue. After discussing with the maintenance team & inspecting the line BMI offered high temperature spherical roller bearing.
BMI team was able to manufacturer spherical roller bearings with a special heat treatment process to withstand higher temperatures
Cast Study: Sub Assemblies
Client: Bearing Distributor in South East Asia
Problem: Bearing selection and manufacturing along with the Housing for machinery
Approach:Â A major bearing distributor was looking for some technical inputs on bearings selection for a general machinery application for one of their OE customers. After initial discussion, BMI team a was able to select a standard bearings & design a special bearings of 22309 with less width bearings based on load and other factors.
Looking the technical expertise of BMI the customers offered us to source the housing in India and fit it with 2 spherical roller bearings of special dimension based on the total width available in the housing.