Imperial Bearings

BMI has developed the entire range of Imperial Bearings similar to RHP and regular maintains stock as well. The current manufacturing range is upto 700mm outer diameter.



The Following series are regularly manufacturing
ALSAngular Contact Ball Bearings
AMSAngular Contact Ball Bearings
CFMCylindircal roller bearings
CRLCylindircal roller bearings
CRMCylindircal roller bearings
LJBall Bearings
LJTAngular Contact Ball Bearings
LRJCylindircal roller bearings
LRJACylindircal roller bearings
LTBall Bearings
MJBall Bearings
MJTAngular Contact Ball Bearings
MRJCylindircal roller bearings
MRJACylindircal roller bearings
MTThrust Ball Bearings
NJLSelf Aligning Ball Bearings
NMJSelf Aligning Ball Bearings
OThrust Ball Bearings
QJAngular Contact Ball Bearings
QJMBall Bearings
RLSBall Bearings
RMSelf Aligning Ball Bearings
RMSBall Bearings
TThrust Ball Bearings
XLJBall Bearings
XLRJCylindircal roller bearings