Combined Bearings

Combined bearings are manufactured in various dimensions to suit different applications. They are used for fork lift masts and for different industrial applications in the following fields: ship, aircraft, steel industry. High load capacity and a limited width represent the fundamental features of this bearing.

Technical Characteristics

Outer ring, thrust roll and thrust roll pin are manufactured in 16CrNi4 steel. This kind of material has a very high core resistance and is particularly suitable to endure shocks and to support the applied loads. These components reach a hardness of 60+/-2 HRC. The inner ring is manufactured in 100Cr6 steel with hardness 60+2 HRC. They are normally supplied with seals in ZZ execution. They can also be supplied in 2RS execution on request. The central pivot is manufactured in C20/C45 steel.

m A lx Wx ly Wy Lmax
175,0 kg/m 222,8 cm2 37883,0 cm4 2196,0 cm3 3279,0 cm4 410,0 cm3 12m